you want a strong, healthy home for your children

The Nest can help you build it


The Nest Parenting Plan course helps you create a customized plan to make and keep your family strong.  It teaches you how to be the safe nest from which your children learn to thrive in the world.

If any child or adult in the family has experienced adversity, then this course will benefit the entire family.


More about adversity


“ I used to expect too much of my oldest son. Love and healthy touch were not a part of my family growing up and so I didn’t know how to show that to my children. Now I have a better relationship with all of my children and I am letting my son be a kid. We have long talks and he is not as angry and aggressive as he used to be. I want to give my children a big world.”

Mother of 3

“ This was harder than some college courses I have taken. I thought I knew how to be a good mom, but I realized I was putting my emotional needs first. Now I am focused on meeting the very different needs of each of my children.”

Mother of 2

“I learned the difference between dysregulation and disobedience. I learned the struggles I went through as a kid are affecting my parenting. I want to do better for my children. I want to change the generational cycles. Not only did I get my kids back, we are getting stronger and healthier every day.”

Mother of 5

 The nest Parenting Plan Course can help you heal and rebuild 

We do this through a two-pronged approach


Learning how children’s brains develop and why they act the way they do helps us understand them and ourselves. It also helps us respond with empathy and healthy leadership, meet their needs warmly and keep them safe.



We can’t just learn information, we have to put it into action. This course will teach you some simple changes you can make to your nest that will help your children heal, grow strong and be successful. Putting these things into practice will help you feel more confident as a caregiver. 

The most frequently asked question we get about our Parenting Plan Course is will it work if… we are a foster family, adoptive family, mixed culture family, are separated, homeless, have special needs, have an open CPS case, etc… The answer is, ‘Yes!’ Because the science of healthy development is universal, so is this course.  Applying the principles to your particular family dynamics, however,  is unique. For this reason, we offer this course live and not prerecorded. As we discuss each topic there will be opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback.  

Program Overview 

Course includes:

  • Intake appointment
  • One Workbook
  • 12 – 1.5 hour sessions
  • Certificate 

Each session has coordinated homework assignments. When completed, the workbook makes up your customized family plan. To receive a  certificate of completion, you have to finish the workbook.  

The charge is per session or package. Multiple caregivers can attend, but only individuals completing books and attending all sessions will receive a certificate (if required).

Extra workbooks are $20.


Here is an outline of the classes

  1. Introduction and building safety
  2. Our beautifully complex brains
  3. Regulating the brain and body
  4. Building secure attachment
  5. Practical nurture
  6. Healthy touch
  7. Playful engagement
  8. Sensory engagement
  9. Structure -Leadership, consistency, and order
  10. The four R’s- Rules, rituals, routines, and responsibilities
  11. Strength building and challenge- real self-esteem, success, and resilience
  12. Putting it all together… maintaining a healthy nest, Sharing your success story

Virtual Sessions

$500 Paid in full or

$45 / meeting



$550 Paid in full or

$50 / meeting

Available in your home, our Roseville office, or in a public space.

We offer affordable Court Approved Parenting/ Co-Parenting classes in conjunction with Face of Grace counseling center. Please contact them for current class times and availability. 

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